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FDA and NC Signage -

This is both signs that are required on all tanning beds in North Carolina that deal with underage tanning.

Consumer Statement -

This is the statement that must be signed by all tanning clients.

Consumer Tan Record -

This  is a tanning record guide and this information must be kept on all tanning clients.

Consumer Injury Report-

This  is the form to be completed in case of an injury or burn at the tanning facility.

Danger Sign -

This sign must be posted within one meter of each tanning unit.  You may call the office to get an official size form for all your beds at any time.

Equipment Maintenance Log -

This form will assist you in maintaining your maintenance records.

Inspection Highlights -

These highlights are a brief overview of our regulations and what the tanning inspector may look for during the course of your inspection.

Lamp Compatibility -

This information will assist you when you are purchasing new lamps for your tanning units.

Medication List -

This is an abbreviated medication lists.  If you are taking any medications or herbal supplements they may increase your photosensitivity.  This medication list should be printed on legal paper for best results.

Procedures -

These are sample operating procedures that a tanning facility can incorporate if they do not have procedures already in place.

Sanitation Policy -

This is the policy on sanitizing the tanning equipment and eyewear.

Sample Skin Typing Questions

These questions can be utilized to better determine the skin type of  an individual and the beginning exposure time in the tanning unit for the client.







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