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Division of Health Service Regulation




Tanning Regulations

Tanning Facilities

Service Providers and Trainers



G.S. 104E-9.1(a) Teen Skin Cancer Prevention Act

**Effective October 1, 2015, it is no longer legal for minors under age 18 to use UV tanning beds in NC

10A NCAC 15.1400
NC Regulations for Tanning Facilities

 21 CFR 878.4365
Food and Drug Administration Regulations for Sun Lamp Products

 21 CFR 1040.20
Food and Drug Administration Regulations for Sun Lamp Products

 NC Radiation Protection Act Chapter 104E

Tanning Enforcement


World Health Organization

International Agency for Cancer Research

Center for Disease Control

Cleveland Clinic

Sunburn and Emergency Medicine

Federal Trade Commission

Registration Forms  Initial and amendment applications

Amendment and Termination Forms  Required if removing tanning beds, changing registration, or terminating business.

Fee Information

Pay Invoice Online

Operator Training Information 

Inspection Check List 

Tanning Forms and Information  Required for operation and other guides.

Educational Skin & Eye Photos

Service Providers List of service companies registered to sell and service tanning equipment in NC.

Lamp Disposal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

New Label Requirements

News of Interest

FDA warns UV wands may have unsafe levels of UV radiation.

Red Light Therapy Memo

Inadequately Trained Operators Memo

Denied Access for Inspection Memo

Tanning IRS Information

Annual Renewal of Service Registration Form

**(NEW) This form must be returned by August 1st by all companies that are registered to provide tanning services in NC.

Service Provider and Trainer Application  Distributors, Trainers, and Service Technicians must register prior to providing service within the State of North Carolina.

Service Termination Form For service providers going out of business.

Service Company Instructions Informs potential distributors of the information required by this agency.

Training Consultant Instructions
  Criteria for In-Person Trainings
  Criteria for Online Trainings

Quarterly Sales Report Letter Informs the service provider with information our agency requires.  

Quarterly Sales Report Form  Required of sales providers quarterly.  




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