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As required by the "North Carolina Regulations For Protection Against Radiation" rule .1603 Radiation Protection Programs.  Each licensee or registrant shall develop, document, and implement a radiation protection program.  The registrant (Radiation Safety Officer) shall annually review the radiation protection program's content and implementation.


The following reference guides may be used to aid in developing the facility written radiation protection program.  The Radiation Safety Program is a unique document based upon the scope of activities provided by each practice.


Additional reference guides that may be helpful in development of the written radiation protection program are located: Reference Guides


A good Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) program is recommended to produce quality images and optimized processing conditions.  QA and QC help to minimize the need for unnecessary retakes and appropriate exposure factors when processes are optimized. 

To be considered an excellent complete Radiation Protection Program, the facility would include its QA and QC procedures. 

  * Mammography facilities are required to have a QA and QC program by the Mammography
   Quality Standards Act for FDA certification and by the American College of Radiology for
   accreditation.  The FDA standards and ACR requirements should be followed for these


   NC Radiation Protection Mammography website: https://radiation.ncdhhs.gov/mammo/index.htm


   If you have any questions regarding these guides, feel free to contact our staff. 

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