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Radioactive Materials Branch

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Information for Licensees who must implement the 10 Part 37 requirements
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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and North Carolina (an Agreement State) have implemented security regulations for licensees that possess certain radioactive materials in quantities of concern. The NRC has codified their security requirements in 10 CFR Part 37. These rules are incorporated by reference in the North Carolina rules in 10A NCAC 15 .1700.

The NRC has guidance to assist licensees that are affected by these security rules for complying with these requirements. Following this guidance ensures that you will be in compliance with the North Carolina regulations. This guidance includes an implementation guide, and a best practices guide. The Radioactive Materials Branch has also prepared a guide to assist you in determining if you have to comply with the North Carolina security rules.

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Last Updated:  28 October 2016
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